“To inspire people and organizations to authentically and positively live out their valuable strengths and healthy culture, in order to create a better world for everyone.”

Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

So, if you are not satisfied with teamwork or you are tired of « wasting time team buildings » and WHAT YOU WANT is a real transformation in your team for great team effectiveness, trust, and engagement.

YES! You are in the right place!

Our Purposes 

Strategic Shared Mindset

Build teams with the shared capability to think and perform their plans and actions strategically and with autonomy, maximizing and engaging their skills, strengths, and knowledge for effectiveness work. Therefore, we want to help teams to design a strong teamwork foundation and compelling team purposes, in which the team becomes very committed to its progress and engagement.

Strong Collaborative Ability

Develop teams with the shared ability of collaboration and knowing how to join and improve their strengths in order to create, to find and to perform great possibilities as a team. Also, we are committed to developing teams with powerful social skills such as team emotional intelligence, team trust, collaborative communication, team resilience, and shared integrity.

Great Team and Organizational Outcomes

Design teams and their purposes to be able to successfully involve and to achieve their stakeholders (external and internal clients) needs and want with the strong and ongoing motivation of achievement, progress and development.

Our core values


Maybe we can have disagreements. However, our purpose to improve your teamwork is something incorruptible. So, you can definitely trust us! We are together in this purpose!


Simpler is the knowledge, easier is to transform that into reality. So, we do our best to simplify complex team issues and solutions into transferable actions and strategies for your team.


We really love what we do. And for that reason, we are constantly seeking self-improvement in order to deliver the best of team effectiveness for you.


We are committed to team transformation, in which effectiveness is not a cause (a solution or an answer) but a condition (what the team becomes) through authentic and ongoing team improvement.

We are a young team of experts and 100% driven by the incredible purpose of transforming teamwork into an authentic, productive and happy experience. Our purpose comes from over 10 years of studying and experiencing teams, their deep issues, their strong strengths, and a very powerful team effectiveness approach (Hackman’s Model), in which we could develop what we strongly believe is the right asset for your team and organization.

Our team members combine over 10 years of experience in team development; in over 100 companies; for over 300 teams and fluency in 3 languages (English, French, and Portuguese). Since that, we have been working with a wide variety of teams (military, finance, IT, services, HR) in 3 continents (U.S.A, France, and Brazil).