In order to build a strong team effectiveness foundation, in which the team, individual and organization are developed toward great teamwork with successful outcomes, a long-term team intervention is necessary. The reason for this is due to the process of changing and improving habits, perceptions, and behaviors. Any team has your issues, needs, and limitations to be transformed into great behaviors as well as strengths and skills to be improved into a high and quality performance. And to achieve all that, time and ongoing follow-up/development are fundamental. Therefore, we designed this program to foster deep and consistent team development, and thus, generating great and ongoing effectiveness.

This program was designed following the 3 intervention stages in order to develop and perform the 3 team performance processes of the Hackman approach for team effectiveness. Those processes to be effectively performed are connected to the 4 enabling conditions (check on methodology). Also, there are 5 key activities that will be performed for each one of the intervention stages.

Furthermore, in order to strongly develop the team, coaching sessions are performed with the team, team leader and team members. We are experts in 2 coaching approaches: the Strengths Coaching by Gallup and the Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith. With both combined, we can definitely achieve guaranteed and measurable team and leadership growth.

3 Intervention stages

1.Team Effort: how to manage and engage the team efforts to achieve a great and high level of commitment of each team member toward team effectiveness.

“How is the level of commitment performed by each one in your team?”

2.Team Performance Strategy: how to design and perform team strategies for the active invention of innovative and task appropriate ways of proceeding, and thus, avoiding mindless reliance on habitual performance routines and dysfunctional behaviors.

“How effective are the team performance strategies developed by your team?”

3.Team Skills and Knowledge: how to positively identify and engage the skills, strengths, and knowledge of the team member in order to build a teaching and learning environment, and thus, avoiding inappropriate weighing of member contributions.

“How effective is the learning and teaching among your team members?”

5 key activities

Team training: initial meeting to learn each of the team performance processes and enabling conditions of team effectiveness and to perform them in a team learning and coaching environment.

Individual coaching: to assess the individual needs, to design team performance strategies/goals, behavior development/improvement, and to measure the improvements with/for each of the team members.

Leadership coaching: to assess the leadership needs, to design team performance and leadership strategies/goals, behavior development/improvement, and to measure the improvements with/for the team leader.

Team coaching: to assess the team needs, to design team performance strategies/ goals, behavior development/improvement, and to measure the improvements with/ for the team.


15 weeks are expected for this program, in which it can be 1 or 2 weeks per month. However, the timeline is completely open for alteration depending on the company’s needs.

Some tools

Here there are some of the tools we use for this program.

Again, for all our services we are paid by your results. That means, if you are not satisfied with what we deliver for you, we do not get paid.