“The Door” is an original Brand’s game and strategic training about team effectiveness, in which the team is challenged to develop effective communication and collaborative strategies (team trust, team decision making, problem-solving skills) in order to successfully achieve its purposes and progress of opening “the door”.

By this training, the team has the opportunity to identify and develop its needs and strengths toward great team effectiveness outcomes such as a strategic shared mindset, a strong collaborative ability, and a successful team performance. Moreover, we use a successful team effectiveness approach, Hackman’s Model. Also, this training combines the great approach of Strengths Coaching by Gallup and the Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith, creating a powerful match toward great teamwork.

Furthermore, this training allows a very accurate team pre-diagnoses through the dynamics and issues that come from during and after the game. Also, during and at the end of this training is built action plans and performance strategies to develop the team, in which a strong team coaching follow-up is proposed and conducted by our team. By this follow-up and coaching, the team becomes able to achieve and master its effectiveness with measurable and ongoing improvement.

Again, for all our services we are paid by your results. That means, if you are not satisfied with what we deliver for you, we do not get paid.